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Compassionate, Progressive Representation for the Bay Area Community of Harris County

The Texas State Legislature has made a lot of decisions that not all of us are comfortable with. From legalizing $10,000 bounties on Texans, to their concern over public school children's genitalia, to their sweeping degradation of Texans' voting rights, the laws being passed by our current representatives aren't serving the individual members of the communities of Harris County. Kat Marvel intends to change that.

Kat has lived in multiple states and arrived in Houston in 2016. Once here, she was delighted by the warm, friendly welcome she received by native Texans, and enchanted by the incredible diversity of people, food, and cultures that have made their homes there. She has been active for the past few years in the Bay Area Democratic Movement, learning what people are actually fighting for and hoping to achieve from their politicians. 


Kat received her Bachelor's in English Secondary Education from San Diego State University and her M.B.A. with a project management specialization from Walden University. She currently works as a substitute teacher in Clear Creek ISD, as well as runs her own business as a Realtor.


These professions have inspired a particular passion for housing and education for every Texan. Of all the solutions that have been researched to help end homelessness, generational poverty, health issues, and other challenges faced by thousands of Texans, a safe place to live and a solid education are what contribute the most good.

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